• All Paths Lead To Home EP
  • ARTIST: Sean Clarke (2008)
  • AllPathsEPCover
  • DESCRIPTION: Born out of a simple desire to create something beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting in increasingly puzzling times...

    Recorded in 2008 at Modern English Studio's in Lancashire with Christian and Nick Madden form The Earlies

    "For me music is a journey, a process, a way of offering myself as a template to help others walking a similar path, and beyond that... What else do you do while you're hangin our here?"

  • The Heart EP
  • ARTIST: Sean Clarke (2008)
  • HeartEpCover
  • DESCRIPTION: It was one of those wild creative periods I go through from time to time, I think it was seven songs written in a couple of evenings...

    On this session I just went into the studio, opened my journal up, set it on the music stand turned on a guitar faced the mic and basically did these tracks for the first time ever, single takes...

    Its very raw!
    (Or some have said authentic and natural?!)

    Recorded In Modern English Studio's Lancashire Late 2008