Music Artist


Sean the Artist could be described as a bit of a silent gem in the maelstrom...

Smooth indie rock vocals, contemporary blues guitar, and carefully crafted songs are the focus for a ceaseless creative flow.

Bearer of eclectic musical tastes and a natural ear for 'the art of music creation' he loves sound as much as he adores silence.

As an accomplished musician Sean's true passion resides in "real music" played live in the moment, still, he admits beingĀ "a bit of a sucker for pop music!"



Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar



As a songwriter Sean navigates by experiment and good grace...

The cusp between cultural observation, inner daydreams, and the artful 'play of words' is his natural habitat, delivering a refreshing blend of metaphors and new moods which tend to draw the listener deep his major mode.

"I aim to capture those inspired glimpses into 'the greatness beyond' the bizarre trance of daily life"

Referred to as a 'true artist' by those who know him he has developed this knack of 'taking you somewhere' different, no one is quite sure where, but its definitely somewhere worthwhile, and you seem to come out the other side better for it.




As comfortable behind the glass in the control room as the other side performing...

Sean has donned the producers cap for many projects ranging from International Recording Artists to promising Indie bands and singer/songwriters.

In 2007 he completed the design and build of a fully fledged recording studio with Manchester Label 'Modern English'.

He is currently exploring the composition of 'sound environments' to aid imagination and creativity, with growing interest in developing music production approaches which take advantage of the discoveries in Cymatics (science of sound).